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Customer Feedback/Testimonies
CaShai's Teatox

CaShai's Teatox Testimonies

I formulated the tea because I was feeling sluggish and I knew it was time for a Spring Cleanse. I wanted to create a tea that would give provide all my vitamins and nutrients in just drinking two cups a day and I wanted something that had a more pleasant taste but was just as effective as my other detox tea's. As I started consuming the tea I noticed that I was slowly starting to feel better and within the first week I had lost 3.5 pounds. I had used it for almost a month consistently and lost a total of 10.5 pounds. I don't want to label it is a weight lost tea because everyone is different but it is definitely working for me and I am getting positive feedback from others who are using the tea, I will continue to post their testimonies. I have more energy and am eliminating more frequently (ridding my body of toxic waste) so I definitely know it is working. This is another GIFT from me to all of you who are on the Road to Health and Complete Wellness.

Carolyn Franklin - Owner of Natural Healing Herbs CS


I was skeptical at first but I ordered your Teatox and was pleasantly surprised; it is not as harsh tasting as most detox teas and I love that you have it in teabags. I completed the 14 day cleanse and although I did not get it to lose weight I have lost 8.5 pounds of waste and do not feel as fatigued. I will be placing another order soon. Take Care

K.J Houston, TX


The tea helped to relieve my bloating and helped my bowel movements become more regular.

W.P Asbury Park, NJ


Hibiscus Capsules

Thank you Carolyn!! - My blood pressure was constantly high, I was back and forth to the emergency room and sometimes they would keep me overnight for observation. I was taking two different types of medication that left me dizzy and lightheaded all the time. After speaking with you, I followed up with my doctor and he agreed to me trying the Hibiscus capsules-he had heard about them and the effects it had on lowering high blood pressure but would just monitor my progress, he also got me down to one medication and lowered it to 10 mg I was taking over 250mg for just one of the pills previously. I am happy to say it has been almost a month and my blood pressure has been normal (I still check it everyday), my doctor is very impressed with the results. I am now using your Hibiscus/Turmeric capsules and they are GREAT!! Thanks Again!! I can finally go to store without having to hold on to a cart and am able take a shower without worrying about getting dizzy or lightheaded.

D.F., Neptune, NJ


This is an amazing vendor. They supply me with my facial steaming herbs long after the company Better Botanicals stopped selling theirs. I looked all over and found this company. The steam herbs are of excellent quality and help to keep my skin looking fresh and glowing. This is also an amazing company because the own actually sent me an additional gift to make up for an over due shipment (this was not her fault, an immediate relative had fallen ill and understandably she had to put her shipments to the side for a short while). She sent a full size body mask for the delay (another excellent product by the way). I definitely encourage people to support businesses like this one since they are true to their product and customer service and are a "real" treasure in a computer laden conveyor belt world.

T.C., Chicago, IL



"The Healing Clay Worked"


I just had to send you this email about the Healing Clay. I had a terrible abscess on my back. This was the second time it became inflamed. This time was worst than the first. It was about the size of a small golf ball. This time it did not seem it was every going to heal. You were wonderful by responding to my need.

I applied the healing clay for three (3) nights, covering it with gauze. I kept it clean and wiped down with alcohol. Each night I could see it gradually coming to a head. On the third day it opened and draining profusely. First all the bad blood that had built up in it came out. It scared me a little bit, but the abscess became completely flat and I could see the center seed. Then on the fourth day, all the puss pour out. On the fifth day, the center SEED popped out. The SEED was big. I am still thanking the Lord. It is now dried up and the skin is healing.

Thank you so much. You have really helped me.

Y.D. Neptune, NJ


Dear Carolyn:

I must first give honor to God for whom all blessings flow through.

I received the healing clay last week and spoke to Melody and you yesterday. As we discussed yesterday on the telephone, my daughter Kim is in a lot of pain with a fractured bone in her ankle with the cartilage missing in that area.

I'm the type of person who believes in experience in lieu of experimentation. Before I could talk about the clay I had to use it myself. Well, I applied it to my elbow where I had consistent pain when a piece of furniture hit that area. In addition, I have always had a problem with consistent pain in my right knee with arthritis and no cartilage also.

I applied the clay in the evening to both areas before going to bed. The clay felt warm to the areas as I put the clay on. I went to sleep and when I woke this morning, I felt no pain in either area of my body. You must understand that it is raining in New York and when it does I always feel pain in my knee. Not this morning.

Praise God.

The clay works very well. I'm ready to tell any person I know who has any pain. I will now shift my gift list for the holidays as well and make the healing clay a present that keeps on giving.

You can feel free to pass this testimony on to any person who may be interested, and you can give them my cell phone if they want to talk to me.

May God continue to bless and keep you.

Mark J. Gadsden, NY

UPDATE: (Mr. Gadsden purchased 30 jars of the Healing Clay as Christmas Gifts for his friends and family)


My cousin in Florida ***** is starting to experience positive results from using the healing clay. The burning sensation in her feet is beginning to subside. I'm encouraging her to start using the clay on her neck and shoulder.

M.S. Red Bank, NJ


There is a "sister" who lives in my area that is a Certified Holistic Health Consultant. She creates and sells this stuff called CaShai Healing Clay (made from Green Clay) which contains calcium, iodine, iron, potassium, sodium, selenium, zinc, Magnesium and purified water, and it is absolutely amazing.

I have already shared some with ****, who felt immediate results for her aches and pains. I've been using it myself with surprising results. I put generous portions of it on the soles of both feet, put on socks to keep it contained, and went off to sleep. Even though it was applied to my feet, I felt it working on my sinuses. Then I remembered that the feet have nerve endings to all the organs in your body, so healing in remote body parts is possible. The next surprising result was how long, and how well I slept after that application.

I was so impressed that I have since sent some to my mother in Manhattan, my aunt in the Bronx, my cousin in Florida, and my girl friend in Howell. *** called my mother, my aunt, and my cousin to share her personal testimony of satisfactory results.

M.S., Red Bank, NJ


I have had great success with no asthma in 1 1/2 days, have used it on **** today, and have shared some with a girlfriend at the barn who had a sinus headache and nasal and cheek pain. **** was surprised at its immediate results. I let her keep the small container and told her I will bring more to use on Sugar Baby's hooves (She has a bit of white line disease, a fungal infection from the soil that transmits to the hooves of horses and can be very serious if left untreated.) tomorrow morning when I return to ride her. The farrier is coming Wednesday, and we'll see what he says after 3 days of application on her hooves. I might have to order more sooner if her hooves react very positively, since it's rather a large amount of area to cover when you include all 4 hooves. We are ALL excited!!! Where in the world does this clay come from? Can we travel to find it?

J.C., South Carolina


I had been having problems with my knees swelling and aching from standing on my feet for long periods of time due to the type of job I have. I was told about Carolyn's healing clay so I purchased a jar. At night before I went to work I applied some of the clay to my knees just like she told me and wrapped them in gauze so the clay would not get on my clothes, I could feel it tightening up my knee and I was able to stand and walk all night without any problems. Please Carolyn whatever you do - DO NOT run out of this clay, it is a life saver and a miracle in a jar.

M.H. Howell, NJ


I had been having problems with my shoulder, I was in constant pain and nothing would help. My wife kept telling me to put some of this healing clay on my shoulder that she had purchased from Carolyn for her own aches and pains, finally when the pain became unbearable I gave in, I applied the clay and went to bed and I woke up with no pain. I used the clay for two more nights and have not had pain in my shoulder since.

Boo, Neptune, NJ


You're healing clay is has been a huge blessing to my family! We've enjoyed it so much that I already need to pick up a few more jars to share with my in-laws. Thank you so much!! Be well and be blessed!!

P.D. Stratford, CT


CaShai Pain Reliever Hebal Tea

I finally tried the tea last night. (as you see, I am not one to quickly try new things). When I woke up during the night, I thought that my shoulder didn't hurt as much; however, when I got up this morning, I was sure the shoulder didn't hurt as much. As I started morning routines, I also realized that my BODY didn't hurt...I could bend down, search for clothes, walk, etc. THAT STUFF IS REALLY GOOD!!!!

I had not felt such low level of pain in many months. I know it was not my imagination telling me I had no pain, because I went to sleep before it "kicked in", and I didn't keep it on my mind.

Thank you, Carolyn. MAF-J


CaShai Breathe Again

At this moment, I am drinking a very nice cup of hot tea. I used my oriental green tea and placed about 5 drops of the CaShai Breathe Again mint oil into it. It taste really good and I can feel the mint going to the sinuses and chest area. (SUCH COMFORT AT WORK!!)

The pain in my shoulder has seemed to be under control for the past week; however, whenever it flares up, I get my "specially-made" herbal tea, and it does the job!!! I have used the mint oil in this tea....and it tastes good also.

M.J, Neptune, NJ


CaShai 28 Day Cleansing Products

Dear Carolyn,

I'm so grateful to you and your products. I started out with your Breathe Again drops for my snoring. I got sick in August with a bad cold. I had explained to you that I was so tired every morning upon awakening. You introduced me to your 28 Day Cleansing Products. The very first day of my cleanse I felt like a new Woman, I was alert and focused on what I needed to do concerning my health.

I thank God for your healing hands and the passion that you put into all of your products. I must admit that CaShai is a true gift from God. May you continue to inspire everyone that uses your products.

Thank you,

S.W, Neptune, NJ