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NEW - Herbal Supplies
Item#: herbal-supplies

Strainer - Bamboo
Product Description
A great strainer for pouring from teapot to cup or for brewing tea the traditional way. Place tea in the strainer, place into cup of hot water and leave to brew. All natural bamboo. Keep 2-3 on hand, so they can dry between uses. Dimensions are 3 " deep and the rim measures 2 1/2" across. Made of all natural bamboo, this single-serving brew basket easily steeps larger leaf herbs and teas (like white and oolong, etc.)

Simple to use: Just place your botanicals into the brew basket. Set the basket in your mug or cup. Add hot water and let the steeping begin!

This item is currently out of stock!

Strainer Mesh Ball 2 "
Product Description
This 2” diam. stainless-steel mesh herb ball strainer comes with an attached chain with a hook on the end to secure to the rim of your cup or pot. These tea balls wonderfully simplify the brewing of a pot of tea.

Fill half way with the loose botanical of choice. Gently clasp the sides together to close (and unclasp to open) place in pot or cup and pour boiling water over to cover.

This item is currently out of stock!

Infusion Wand
Product Description
This sleek infuser holds the perfect amount when just a single cup of tea is needed. Ideal for all types of tea—green, white, black, and herbal. Chrome plated. Size: 5.25" X 1.25"

This item is currently out of stock!

Tea Ball Chrome Plated
Product Description
A classic design that provides the ideal environment for brewing the perfect pot of tea. It should be filled halfway to ensure ample room for tea leaves to expand. Chrome plated. Size: approx. 2" diameter

This item is currently out of stock!